Skin Weights with ngSkinTools

Basic concept using this tool is structuring things in layers. The layers will preserve what is under them, just like working in something like photoshop. Masks will allow you to set your blends between the layers, and you can adjust your bones/influence you select and edit the influence within your layers. Easy peasy after a […]

Advanced Skeleton Rigging Tool

My quick notes for using Advanced Skeleton, this greatly sped up my rigging learning process and setup. Can even easily change up and use existing rigs from auto riggers to apply to different models. Still need to flesh this out a little more with some examples and screen shots, but wanted to get my notes […]

Learning to Rig!

Just some notes I took while going over basics for setting up a basic rig so I could work on fixing up some auto generated rigs from Mixamo for some quick prototyping in Unreal and mocap that I captured with Move One and Rokoko. I need to add some screen caps into to make the […]