Good Bye VPN, Hello ZTNA!

Zero Trust Network Access isn’t exactly the new kid on the block, but it it starting to gain a lot more prominanace, having run different implementations of VPN over the years both at home and in studio and with it these days being more important than ever, I decided to take a bit of a […]

Zabbix Infrastructure Monitoring

Having changed a bunch of my homelab infrastructure from VMWare over to Proxmox, and depriciating my old VPN and moving over to a ZTNA solution with Twingate, I needed to put some monitoring in place. I’m a big fan of PRTG, its free up to 100 probes, but it runs on Windows. Normally this isn’t […]

Proxmox Notifications and You!

Once I had the Proxmox server setup, and basic backups running to my NFS share that I had setup for the inital migration, I figured getting email notifications running would be a handy thing.  I would at the very least know when my backups had completed and in what state. This was pretty straight forward, [...]

To Proxmox, and Beyond!

With Broadcoms acquisition of VMWare, and the subsequent killing of the free EXSi license, not to mention where licensing costs look like they are being driven too with also killing off the perpetual licenses and forcing everyone into a subscription model I felt it was time to start looking at some alternatives. Using the free [...]