Wow I’ve been lazy.

So I’ve been mega lazy this summer, not posting a single thing but I’ve been busy, and I honestly don’t know if anyone even reads this   But that’s about to change, I’m off to the UK for 3 weeks to explore London, visit friends and just have a nice relaxing time in general, oh…


It’s Fishing Time!

One of the things I love to do, but don’t get to do nearly enough is go fishing.  I don’t even care if  catch anything, I just love being out on the water, the peace and quiet, just relaxing.  I got rid of the sailboat due to lack of time to properly use her and…


Skyward Bound

Edinburgh Castle, a photo by b0ssk on Flickr. A church outside of Edinburgh Castle, on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland. Nice thing about pretty much everything in Edinburgh, is its a small city easy to get around, but all the buildings in the older part of the city have a really nice old feel.…


So Busy!

Really haven’t posted much lately, its hard to find the time for some reason.  We finally launched our game Kunundrum, and have had a pretty good first launch.  Getting visibility in the App Store is a difficult proposition, but we are working hard at trying to get it up the rankings a little more.  We…


l’Ossuaire Municipal

l’Ossuaire Municipal, a set on Flickr. Photos from my journey through Paris’s underground. In the late 1780’s Paris was in need of a place to move it’s overflowing graveyards, the solution was to put over 6 million of the dead into the old mined quarries beneath the city. The 2km stretch of tunnels you can…


Live From The Imperial Pub

Having yet another fine pub lunch here in London. The posts have been few but I do have about 500 photos to go through so far, none have been uploaded yet. So stay tuned an hopefully tonight I’ll have a bit of a write up!


Cruising The Thames Sidewalk

Cruising The Thames Sidewalk, a photo by b0ssk on Flickr. Finally arrived in the UK for the wedding present trip my parents got Amy and I two years ago. We’d have been here sooner, but works always managed to get in the way, but finally things are stable and relaxed enough in the studio, and…


600km of Riding Awesome

View Larger Map Unfortunately I didn’t get to ride the road, but i did drive it with my buddy Steve who recently moved here from Toronto to help me convert this city to less hippy and more awesome!  We popped into the Hell’s Gate Air Tram and checked that out.  Its a pretty neat location,…


A boat without tunes is no fun!

It has been a long time coming but I finally got a stereo for the boat! With limited options for where to install the deck I opted for routing out a hole in my hanging locker using my dremel tool. The hole wasn’t the prettiest cut but with the deck mounted you can’t tell! I…


Vancouver on Fire

Stanley Cup Game 7, a photo by b0ssk on Flickr. You know I found this pretty sad to watch. It really goes to show how the few can really ruin it for the many. Where I watched the game in Yaletown the crowd was in good spirits after the Canucks lost the cup. But as…